UNDERTOWdk: Almost Peaceful

UNDERTOWdk: Almost Peaceful
UNDERTOWdk: Almost Peaceful

Cd'en indeholder følgende:

  1. Spiritual Classes
  2. On Top of the World
  3. City of Saints
  4. In the Name of Love
  5. Heed your Daddy
  6. Bells of Silence
  7. Demeter
  8. Into the Light
  9. Shelter of Love
  10. Victorious Victim
  11. Anthem
All tracks written by Ole Mandrup except “Demeter” written by Johannes Grønager
Arranged by UNDERTOWdk
Mixed and produced by Søren Mortensen
Svend Eeg: drums, percussion, lead vocal & backing vocal
Johannes Grønager: keyboard, sax, lead vocal & backing vocal
Ole Mandrup: el. & ac. guitar, backing vocal
Søren Mortensen: bass & add. keyboard
Ib Wulff: lead el. guitars on all tracks
Jakob Dahn: lead vocals on “Victorious Victim”
Varenr. UP201501
Vægt 90,00 g
Vores pris: 100,00 Dkk (13,00)